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MonoReport is a free .net report generator for Excel or OpenOffice. Brilliant, handy and convenient way to design report templates using spreadsheet editor...
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Version History

 Version   Date Released  Description
v.1.4 September 29, 2009 In new version fixed minor issues, fixed problems of free version with processing of Microsoft Excel templates. Now free version does not contains banner on the top of generated report. Fixed issue with leading equals sign (=) in report data. Now this data is not treated as formulas. Added support for PDF export if using as template processor. To export your reports to PDF format just set .pdf extension to output file name.
v.1.3 January 30, 2009 Fixed processing of date/time values in Calc (for details please see section "Formatting date/time values in Open Office reports" in MonoReport documentation).

Improved performance of large reports generation both for Microsoft Excel and Calc.

Other minor bugs fixed.
v.1.2 November 30, 2008 Added support for Calc templates. Supported Calc version is 2.4 or higher. By default MonoReport libraries are compiled for version 2.4 of Calc.

New Calc processor can generate reports based both on native Calc file format (*.ods) or Microsoft Excel file format (*.xls). For details please see description of ProcessingOptions Class in MonoReport documentation.
v.1.0   Initial version, supported Microsoft Excel templates.