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Purchase FAQ

Payment Methods

We use secure and comfortable Plimus services to accept major types of payments: MasterCard, Visa, EuroCard, American Express, Discover/Novus, Diners Club, JCB, Switch, Solo, US$ Checks, Eurochecks, Wire Transfers, PayPal.
Payments can be made Online, by PO, Fax, Mail or Phone.

After placing an order you will receive an email with confirmation and further instructions.
If you fill you need other type of payment, please contact our sales office.


As of July 1st 2003 Plimus collects VAT from EU consumers who do not have a valid VAT ID for electronically delivered products.


We provide fully-functional trial version so our clients can check whether our product suites their needs.
In some cases we can provide refund by special request only but we cannot guarantee this for any case. Generally, we make refunds only in case a credit card fraud.

We do not provide refunds if the source code of our product was downloaded.


We use Electronic Software Distribution (ESD) model. Software is available only via HTTP download.