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MonoReport is a free .net report generator for Excel or OpenOffice. Brilliant, handy and convenient way to design report templates using spreadsheet editor...
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Prices and Editions

We license MonoReport product per development computer.
Product run-time is royalty-free.

Purchase FAQ

Features / Editions FREE Gratitude Lite Web Lite Windows Applications Professional Enterprise
Full source codes - - - - - +
Parallel generation of reports - - - - + +
Multiple sheets in single workbook file - + - - + +
Windows Applications + + - + + +
Web + + + - + +
Price (1 year subscription included) Free (w/o subscription) Free (w/o subscription) $149.00 $149.00 $399.00 $1199.00
Price (1 year Premium subscription included) Free (w/o subscription) Free (w/o subscription) $279.00 $279.00 $529.00 $1599.00
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1 year Subscription $129.00 $129.00 $119.00 $119.00 $129.00 $399.00
1 year Premium subscription $259.00 $259.00 $249.00 $249.00 $259.00 $799.00
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* Free edition produces fully-functional reports that contain small link to our site on the top and are protected (cannot be modified).
* Gratitude edition is solely free for open source projects (under normal conditions). Please, contact our sales department for the application.
Lite edition is a good choice for small businesses or individual developers who develops only Web applications or only Windows applications.
Professional edition - full toolkit to develop any type of higly-productive applications.
Enterprise edition is the best choice when you would like to have complete sources at your service.



We provide free non-priority support using web site.
Subscription (standard) includes ability to receive updates, new minor versions and guaranteed support via email and our web resources.
Premium subscription equips you with product updates and new versions, specifically designed priority fixes, priority technical support with help and recommendations of our software engineers using all available types of communications including email, Skype chat, Microsoft Assistant, Remote Desktop etc. if necessary. Your desired features would be a priority for the upcoming versions.


5-9 developers - 20% off!
10 and more developers - 40% off!